THU 24.05.2018, 21:00 @PROJEKTRAUM
Tripleconcert (eine Klappfon - Klangbang Kollaboration)

Big Bold Back Bone (CH, PT) & Eve Risser (F)
Duo Cirera / Stoffner (CAT, CH)

Big Bold Back Bone (CH, PT) & Eve Risser (F)
Symphonic Science Fiction Soundstream

Marco von Orelli: trumpet, slide trumpet

Luis Lopes: electric guitar, objects
Travassos electronics

Sheldon Suter: prepared drums
& as  special guest
Eve Risser: piano

LP/CD Release "In A Search Of A Emerging Species“ & „Emerge"

Improvisation ist die Grundlage ihrer Musik. Die elektroakustische Instrumentierung gibt eine vermeintliche Richtung vor und dennoch überrascht dieser Klangkörper mit  Reichhaltigkeit in der Klangerzeugung. Die Musiker verstehen ihr Instrument als Werkzeug, um eine einzigartige Klangwelten zu erschaffen. Die Beherrschung der Instrumente, über die traditionellen Spieltechniken hinaus, ermöglicht der Band grossen Spielraum. Ihre Musik bedient sich regelmässig dem Faktor Zeit und den damit verbundenen langsamen musikalischen Entwicklungen. Die improvisierten Formen über eine Dauer von bis zu 45 Minuten, lassen sinfonische Eigenschaften zeitgenössischer E-Musik in Länge, Form und Dramaturgie erkennen.  In den kürzeren Stücken von Big Bold Back Bone flunkern Referenzpunkte wie beispielsweise Miles Davis der 70 er Jahre über Prime Time von Ornette Colemans bis hin zu John Zorn auf. Die Musik von BBBB spielt jedoch ganz entspannt im Jetzt.

Big Bold Back Bone

Big Bold Back Bone

Big Bold Back Bone

Eve Rissier

Duo Cirera / Stoffner (CAT, CH)
Energetic Free Contemporary

Albert Cirera: saxes
Flo Stoffner: guitar

CD Release "I’m a resonant aircraft"

Isn’t it marvellous ? (- or are you reading this before you heard the music?) Anyway, I think it’s marvellous : two young guys thriving to dedicate themselves totally to Total Improvisation.  Everything that jazz gave birth to as of central importance is there : rhythm, dynamics, a plentitude of original ideas, fast reactions, individual sound, listening to each other as a whole;  even the shadow of an undefined groove. Hard work : continuous focus. The pieces are short, but they are neither cut nor edited (something that many “free” improvisors did in the early days fifty years ago,  and some still do : no doubt, a kind of post- composing). It takes years of concentrated effort before the spinning of the musical thread flawlessly flows into a long set. Fortunately, these pieces are presented here in the order they were played. What happens in one leads to what happens in the next. 

The next one would be different had the one before not been what it was. The act of playing this stuff is performed in a special mental state, a sort of trance. In its uninterferred continuum, one thing organically leads to the next. After recording, when the instruments are put down, when the musicians do what is called “listening back” to what they did, the mind works differently : conscious decisions are made following only criteria formed by thoughts that originate in taste or compositional planning and ideas. That’s not improvising. No! - hands off : it was, and it became,  so don’t mess with an intuitional process! It has been said that it takes twenty years to know how it works, and it has been observed that it takes another twenty years to be able to do it. These guys are well on the way, so stand by: we’ll check and see in a few decades. Perhaps (and hopefully) they go for something that a young Italian lady-poet once described to me thusly: “Don’t try to do something new, try to do what has always been there”. Lo!

Japanese Avantpop Icon, Ambienta Dreamy Vocal Electronica Performance

Haco is a Japanese vocalist, lyricist-composer, sound artist, electroacoustic player, producer, engineer, founding member of After Dinner and Hoahio, and pop visionary.

Haco has received recognition internationally as the founder, singer, lyricist and composer of the legendary avant-pop group, After Dinner, one of the first Japanese indie bands to tour abroad and to receive the unanimous praise of music publications such as NME and Melody Maker in the 1980s. Since 1987, she has been invited to appear in numerous experimental music and art festivals in Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand, and has toured internationally on a nearly annual basis. Hailed as one of the first female proponents of onkyo, Haco has made field recording environmental sounds from daily life and used them as materials in her composing, programming and mixing.

In 1990, she appeared in the film Step Across the Border, a documentary on Fred Frith, which was selected as one of the top 100 films of all time by Cahiers du Cinema. Since 1995, she has expanded her delicate and dreamy world of music based on her transparently feathery voice as a solo artist and recorded in collaborative projects such as Hoahio (Yagi Michiyo, Era Mari, Sachiko M), Ash in the Rainbow (Sakamoto Hiromichi), and Yesterday's Heroes (Terre Thaemlitz). She has also released albums on labels such as ReR Megacorp (UK) ,Tzadik (US), and Someone Good/Room 40 (AUS) among many others.

Haco has taken part in numerous international collaborations with artists such as Ikue Mori, Aki Onda, Otomo Yoshihide, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Samm Bennett, Zeena Parkins, Peter Hollinger, Pierre Bastien, Carl Stone, Seiichi Yamamoto, Martin Tétreault, Diane Labrosse, David Toop, Fred Frith, Chris Cutler, Yoshimi P-we (OOIOO, Boredams), Nobukazu Takemura, Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple), Mobile Radio (Knut Aufermann & Sarah Washington), Claudia Triozzi, Giovanni Venosta (Sonata Islands), Stefan Schneider, Anthony Moore, Tania Chen, and Gurun Gurun. These include recording, improvisations, contemporary dance works, and soundtracks. Haco is renowned for her charming melodies, and the power of her music and performances, which are both highly skilled and completely natural. Her work transcends conventional genres and national borders, and continues to attract new fans of all ages.

“A founding member of the legendary band After Dinner, Haco is one of the most versatile vocalists in the Japanese indies scene.” (John Zorn)